Short Film



Film Director
& Editor


The film is a portrait of the close bond between father and daughter.

Jane has looked up to her father for as long as she can remember. Jane and her father are inseparable and resemble each other in everything. Her father is the strongest man in the whole world. As long as she’s with daddy because then she’s always safe. Jane is getting older and the pressure of having to take over her father’s place is increasing. She trains hard and makes sure she is ready for the big fight.

Jane’s father is the stable factor in Jane’s life and carries the family. She knows one thing for sure: Her father must and will live on and later on she will become just like her father.


Jane Harinck & Thom Harinck

Slam Poetry by

Jane Harinck


Film director & editor
Dominique Michelle Gimberg
Director of Photography
Jasper de Kloet
1st AC
Lars Inhulsen
Ruben Labree